Hugh MacLeod featured in Marfa’s Big Bend Sentinel:

Christ is hard
[satan’s easy, 2010]

Marfa’s local paper, The Big Bend Sentinel, recently wrote a profile on me and The Marfa Project:

Besides hoping to compile all the cartoons into a coffee-table book, MacLeod has a grand scheme in mind for the body of work.

In wanting to keep true to the minimalist philosophy, he hopes to one day find a place where he can keep the complete collection on permanent display.

“As individual cartoons, it’s really not much, just a little drawing on a business card,” he explained, “but collectively, with over 10,000 cartoons, it’s a big project. It’s like Tim Robbins in Shawshank Redemption, where he was just tapping away slowly for so many years before he could escape the prison.”

I hope you’ll check it out. Thanks to JD for the great interview etc.