The Joys and Sorrows of Old Work

My own webpage
[“My Own Webpage”, 1998: Back before the Internet, we advertising creatives didn’t have Silicon Valley startups as our escape plan, we had screenplays. Pretty much every unhappy creative I knew was writing one, in the hope of breaking into “The Industry”. The fact that Hollywood is an even nastier business than Madison Avenue didn’t seem to occur to anyone etc.]

Working on The Marfa Project has put me in front of thousands of old drawings that I haven’t looked at in years.

It’s quite scary, to be honest. “I drew that?!! REALLY????!!!!!”

It’s quite disconcerting to find out that much of that early work you are so nostalgic for, actually wasn’t that great to begin with. That you had been looking at that body of work through rose-colored glasses etc.

It’s like walking down the street and suddenly bumping into your old self from years ago. That whiney little hipster that you had forgotten all about.

The one whose head you now want to kick in…